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Berkeley Software Distribution

This line of operating systems started out life as a series of patches to AT&T UNIX which was introduced to the University of Berkeley by Ken Thompson whilst on sabbatical in 1977.

The development of BSD is closely tied with that of the internet. BSD's modern variants are some of the oldest communities who have collaborated over the internet to develop a software project which continues to today. The workflow of the projects has transpired to become the standard way of developing open source software on the internet, whether it's adhering to a style guide, developing with a publicly accessible source repository, or holding a hackathon.

For a newcomer interested in an operating system to run on your hardware, it is a great opportunity to be a part of a tech savvy community working to evolve an idea started almost 40 years ago.

As a business, each project produces a mature and robust operating system that has seen many applications from running on devices such as game consoles, mobile phones, cars, satellites and the international space station. Nearly all projects are backed by a non-profit foundation which can act as a liaison for businesses and assist with enquiries regarding development.

You'll find the various BSD's listed on the side menu in chronological order, starting from the oldest to the newest. All but the original BSD project are actively developed.

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