Ollivier Robert runs FreeBSD

I read the Jolitzes’s series of articles in Doctor Dobb’s Journal back in 1991 and started with 386BSD when it came out. Then FreeBSD 1.x in 1993 and ever since. I became a committer in February of 1995 as FAQ maintainer.

How do I use BSD these days? Every server-related stuff (mail, www, uucp, ssh, ports building) is done on FreeBSD boxes. Every service is in a jail, of course.

When I was a sysadmin, I ran our entire authoritative DNS servers on FreeBSD 3.5, but I was then told that the upcoming outsourcing company did only Solaris (and Linux afterward).

BSD did give me lots of contacts and friends all over the world. Every year, be it in BSDCan or EuroBSDCon, new people keep coming in and that’s great.

You can find me on Twitter, Mastodon, and my website.

12 Sep 2018

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