Roman Zolotarev runs OpenBSD

I make software for the web. Started my career as a webmaster in the nineties, then focused on frontend and now on backend.

I run OpenBSD everywhere I can: my desktop, laptop, and all servers.

Why? OpenBSD is a minimalist operating system: my full web development setup takes 4GB on disk, and rarely eats more than 4GB of memory.

OpenBSD has everything I need in base: X11, cwm, xterm, tmux, vi, httpd, etc. All those programs are well documented, have consistent APIs, and sane defaults. There is almost nothing to configure.

You can install OpenBSD on bare metal in ten minutes with all 3rd-party packages and personal data restored from the latest backup.

Can you build a career around OpenBSD? OpenBSD have used in mission critical areas (mail servers, application servers, firewalls, load balancers, workstations, etc).

Frankly, this could be hard to find a job where all computers run OpenBSD. However, it’s a good filter. If your employer runs OpenBSD, they know what they’re doing. OpenBSD is one of the simplest and elegant Unix-like operating systems, this is why I recommend to run it, if you want to learn modern Unix.

You can find me on Mastodon.

5 Aug 2018

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