Jan-Piet Mens runs BSD

I’m a freelancing consultant, and I give trainings. I started with Unix systems in 1988, then on SVR4 and BSD, although I forget which version.

I’ll call myself a half part-time OpenBSD and a quarter part-time FreeBSD user, though I wish I could “BSD” more than part time, but most of my clients use Linux, and as such I’m obliged to as well. I use both OSes as servers, even when I install them on laptop hardware: I’m not interested in messing about with display, audio, or WiFi settings, and I don’t think I’ve ever attempted hibernation. It may shock some, but to me there’s currently no better laptop experience than what I get with macOS. So there.

The support for OpenBSD is amazing, as this short tale of a PoS display shows.

OpenBSD’s and FreeBSD’s documentation (online and offline) are excellent. Typing man something and getting accurate documentation is priceless, and both systems excel at that. If I had to single out one strength of OpenBSD and/or FreeBSD it would be their documentation.

You can find me on Twitter or on Mastodon.

7 Aug 2018

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