Adli Wahid runs BSD

I am Adli and currently work as a Senior Internet Security Specialist at APNIC.

My first job was at a public university in Malaysia. Other than teaching and the libary (I’m a bookworm!), the best part about being in an university environment (late 90s — early 00) was having access to the Internet and spare hardware. Back then we still had many commercial Unix systems (HP-UX, SunOS, AIX, SGIX) on campus, but I remember some friends in the computing centre started experimenting with Linux. I joined the bandwagon — removing Windows from the desktop then laptops and replacing them with RedHat Linux. Overtime I also used Slackware, Debian, Mandrake, and Ubuntu and did a couple of install-fest on campus for both students and lecturers.

At about the same time I started to hear about FreeBSD and OpenBSD from a couple of mailing lists and forums. Eventually the opportunity to use BSD came about when I managed to convince the university computer center to let me set up the web and mail server for the faculty. Everything was centralised and I was not a full-time system administrator, so this was a big deal :-) I should also give a shout out to Matt Simerson’s for putting together the Qmail toaster script that I used for the mail server.

I started using OpenBSD for my UltraSparc64 workstation perhaps sometime in 2003. That made me fell in love with it mainly because of the simplicity, low resources requirement and the focus on security. I ventured into setting up a couple of webservers and used pf for firewalling wherever I can. These days I still managed some OpenBSD servers — including the host for my personal blog.

Oh yes, I also must mention that I purchased the OpenBSD 3.6 CD from Theo who came to Kuala Lumpur to speak at the HackinTheBox2004

You can find me on Twitter and Mastodon. I also occasionally write on my personal site.

6 Jul 2019

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