noqqe runs BSD

I am @noqqe and I’m a system administrator for Linux based Big Data deployments in market research by day and OpenBSD lover by night.

I got introduced to OpenBSD in 2012 when I was starting a new job in Nuremberg and visited the local Hackspace K4CG.

There were OpenBSD 3.1 and 3.2 posters hanging in the location; and after a short period of time I asked what it’s all about. I learned a lot of things from OpenBSD people hanging around in K4CG. It was the first non-Linux system I touched and I loved the simplicity, the sane defaults and the security aspects.

Since 2013 my personal servers for mail, blog, and a few other websites (/dev/null as a Service, are served by OpenBSD.

I’m a happy user ever since and always curious what great technology OpenBSD folks come up with. That’s why I started Why OpenBSD rocks 🐡 in early 2019.

05 Mar 2019

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