Jay Patel runs BSD

It all started with PC-BSD. A friend of mine needed a server for in-house project at his company, so I set PC-BSD for him up and warden with jail(8).

I’ve been in love with Unix since I started using BSD because of its simplicity and documentation. My first jump to other BSDs was after I read blog of Adam Wołk about how he is rolling with snapshots. Then I moved to OpenBSD -current, and now I’m updating it using Aaron’s scripts.

Soon after that I started my blog powered by OpenBSD 5.9. That’s good for learning OpenBSD hands on. Currently I run BSD focused forum for newbies. I switch between major BSDs on my personal laptop, as I like using them all from time to time. I’m helping to as many new users as I can to migrate to BSD.

Find me on Mastodon and Telegram.

3 Sep 2018

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