Aaron Bieber runs OpenBSD

My name is Aaron Bieber (abieber), I am a software developer mainly working with Go. My favorite BSD system is OpenBSD and I have been using it as my primary machine for roughly eight years.

There are many reasons why OpenBSD is my favorite, but it all started with ifconfig(8)!

ifconfig(8) on OpenBSD lets users configure hard-wired, as well as wireless interfaces. This might seem like a trivial reason to pick OpenBSD as my fav, but I assure you, the reasons are far more than cosmetic!

In my mind, having a cohesive interface exposed to users represents an overall clean engineering process. It means the problem was well thought out and the implementation was put together with a great deal of care and understanding.

After the initial draw from ifconfig(8) my assumptions about clean engineering were further confirmed by the sheer simplicity of the system.

Simplicity has huge benefits in my book:

Flash forward to today: I use OpenBSD on as many machines as I possibly can!

My main system currently runs cwm(1) with a Firefox window and a single xterm(1) with tmux(1). My current editor of choice is neovim, though I dabble in emacs when I want to keep my brain (and fingers) elastic!

Find me on Twitter and Mastodon.

8 Aug 2018

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