Veljo Mrdakovic runs FreeBSD

I’m a Sysadmin/IT professional since 2004. I have started with Microsoft administration, but have quickly moved first to Linux (mostly Debian) around 2006 and later to BSD (mostly FreeBSD).

I enjoy using old school Unix power tools like awk(1), sed(1), grep(1) and working in shell in general. vi(1) rules. Simplicity and reusability of such tools is what makes me go back to Unix tools. In present IT world that is always changing for better or worse, there is a need to find long term tools that can be used again and again in daily work.

I have been a happy Debian user for its stability and low system resources as well as huge number of available packages. However I’m moving more and more towards BSD systems as they are so well documented (manual pages are amazing), offer great set of tools by default, and their performance is second to none. BSD systems also offer sanity and simplicity which is sadly missing more and more in other systems. Not to forget to mention privacy and security by default.

In company where I work (an insurance company), we have been using pfSense as main proxy/router gateway to internet for years, and its performance is amazing and blows commercial products out of the water. I have also been using FreeBSD jails for multiple Nginx jailed instances with static content, it works really well. FreeBSD is simply amazing regarding performance especially for network services.

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