Guillermo García Rojas runs BSD

I’m Guillermo García Rojas (@SoloBSD). I am a Linux/UNIX SysAdmin working in the industry for about 17 years.

I started on the late 90’s using a Spanish Linux distro based on Red Hat Linux 5.0 which I found in a magazine. Soon after I discovered FreeBSD on Linux related magazines and I liked beastie, the mascot, very much. I have to admit that mascots are very important for me in taking the decision on what OS to use.

My first FreeBSD was 4.2 and used it until 5.0, when I got involved with the DragonFly BSD team, and made the FAQ translation to Spanish. At that time I created the SoloBSD website, to spread the word about BSD to the Spanish language community. I started using OpenBSD as a DHCP server for a small internet cafe I had. I fell in love with this BSD cause it is super easy to install and everything works right from the start. OpenBSD documentation is excellent, you have all you need there.

Next BSD was TrueOS—formerly PC-BSD—which I installed in my super weird Acer Aspire E 15 because it was the only BSD at the time with support for my graphics card.

Then it came HardenedBSD, which has the same support for my graphics card on current branch and has many security enhacements. For me, it was a perfect combination of FreeBSD and OpenBSD in a single OS. At that time I was very interested in very small systems and started to investigate on how to reduce HardenedBSD to its minimum. I found the mfsBSD project and created SoloBSD, which is a small mfs system based on the HardenedBSD code.

Since then, I am in love with HardenedBSD, I like the way they project is going and enjoy very much having an ultra secure BSD system.

Through my BSD journey I found that the BSD community is very friendly that makes me feel at home. The documentation is very straight-forward and you find it only in one place, you don’t have to be searching the whole internet to get official docs. And the mascots are cute!

Find me on Twitter, Mastodon, or SoloBSD website.

10 Aug 2018

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