Jason Barbier runs BSD

Hi I’m Jason Barbier, I am a bit of a jack of all trades, part developer, mostly system admin, a long time gamer, and BSD home labber. For my laptop and the base core of my home lab I use FreeBSD, It is also what I have recently started doing work on since I found it the easiest to find a place to start to contribute. As for the rest of my home lab I have a little bit of everything including a OpenBSD network gateway and a [HardenedBSD] Tor relay.

What got me started with BSD is the same thing that got me started with pretty much everything computer, frustration and curiosity. The journey starts with win 2000, the short version of that was I lost about 20 gigs of MP3s thanks to NTFS and I had enough of Windows shenanigans after that and in a fit of rage after a few months of curiosity poking at Linux I went down the Linux path.

Fast forward a few years and just dependency hell, killing my install more than once trying to install simple things, and just the design or lack there of made me go looking and I tripped on OpenBSD and just moved on to FreeBSD from there before VMM was a thing. My curiosity generally requires me to be able to run VMs, since I love to try and pick apart machines and systems to see how they tick, so FreeBSD sort of just stuck.

So come all the way to today and that love and curiosity of systems and how computers work got me interested in trying to give back and share my knowledge and maybe contribute here and there, so I have been working on topics around how I have set my BSD home lab up and trying to put content out around that, and trying to start learning how to update ports.

My main machines right now consist of:

And yes… I do have a problem, my partner takes every chance she can to remind me of how many computers I have.

You can find me at Twitter, Mastodon, or corrupted.io.

9 Aug 2018

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