Pietro Sammarco runs BSD

My name is Pietro Sammarco and I have been around the BSD world since the year 2006. I was first introduced to Slackware Linux but made the big jump to FreeBSD 6 shortly after.

I have been primarily using FreeBSD ever since, however I have also been using NetBSD and DragonFly BSD on and off. What a like about BSD in general is the simplicity of how things are designed and done, the stability and high reliability of the systems, as well as the support and communities built around their respective projects.

I also appreciate its license, and because of it the fact that nearly 90% of the IT industries nowadays relies on it. Whether is Cisco, Juniper, Apple, NetApp, there are always BSD roots deep within it.

I am mostly self-taught and driven by the passion for IT and new technologies. During the past years I have been deploying NAS, web server, firewall, VPN server, mail server, DNS server, DHCP server and VPS server with Xen in SOHO.

My main interest in IT at the moment has shifted toward embedded devices, and for that reason I have been closely watching the FreeBSD and NetBSD project for ARM, ARM64, MIPS and MIPS64 development. I have also done a full blown port (unofficial) of AlpineLinux 3.7 for the Raspberry Pi 3, and I have another coming for the Odroid C1+. I do also run FreeBSD -HEAD on my Carambola 2 board, as well as NetBSD 8 on the Odroid C1+.

Currently I am working as contractor for NetApp and I am primarily involved in troubleshooting, break-fixing and deploying NAS, FC and ISCSI solutions on ONTAP 7-Mode, Cluster Data ONTAP 8.3/9.X as well as ONTAP Select.

Features I like about FreeBSD and why I have chosen it as main server OS:

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22 Aug 2018

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