raichoo runs FreeBSD

I’m raichoo (@raichoo) and I’m relatively new to the BSD world, at least when it comes to using it seriously. I’ve switched on May 1st 2017, after becoming increasingly unhappy with the state of Linux and I also wanted my ZFS and DTrace back which I’ve learned to love from my OpenSolaris days.

I’m a software developer and I spend most of my time writing Haskell. My main tools are neovim and I’m a big fan of the fish shell and darcs version control. FreeBSD is my daily driver on my workstation. It’s great to be able to use all the observability tools that it has to offer when developing applications since I’m rarely left in the dark when something goes terribly wrong. You could say that FreeBSD is an essential part of my IDE. As a window manger I’m currently using cwm(1) which is also a joy to use.

I used to run Linux since around ‘96, mostly SuSE, Gentoo, and Arch, and switched to OpenSolaris shortly after it came out in 2008 until it got curbed. I’ve used illumos for some time but switched back to Arch out of convenience. I wasn’t very happy about it, but it did most of what I needed and Gnome3 allowed me to ignore most of the underlying OS. In 2017 I thought about giving the BSDs another shot and installed FreeBSD for a one week test drive, after that I decided to switch completely over a long weekend.

It’s been a long journey but FreeBSD really feels very much like home and I’m not looking back.

9 Aug 2018

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