Niels Kobschätzki runs BSD

I am a system administrator for Unix and Linux systems. In my leisure time I dabble in cardistry, podcast about retrogames and play tabletop RPGs.

My favorite BSD is OpenBSD because it has a focus on security and a great documentation. But I also use FreeBSD a lot when I have a need for robust storage and want to use ZFS.

I use OpenBSD on a couple of servers like my private mail server or my ZNC. My netbook also runs OpenBSD because it just doesn’t need a lot of resources and comes already with a great base system.

When you need a server and either need ZFS with native support in its most advanced version or want a pretty much secure by default system FreeBSD (ZFS) or OpenBSD (security) can be a great choice for your server operating system in your IT environment.

My blog runs on a FreeBSD-server, my private mail-server and ZNC-server are OpenBSD-machines.

Find me on Twitter and Mastodon.

7 Aug 2018

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