Jan runs OpenBSD

My name is Jan. I’m a security consultant who uses OpenBSD at work and at home. I started using OpenBSD about six years ago. Before that I was a big Slackware fan (still am). Somewhere in between I also maintained packages for Void Linux.

My reasons for using OpenBSD are simple: I want a consistent, not randomly changing, stable OS. I further like that I can fix stuff myself in OpenBSD. I contributed to the iwm(4) driver, httpd(8) and kqueue(2) and probably more that I can’t remember. Most of the time I did these because I ran into an issue of some sorts.

I worked with reyk@, mikeb@ and jsg@ at Esdenera Networks, that’s where I learned a lot of things about OpenBSD that I carried over to my current employer CIPHRON.

At home I build my router, firewall, redundant network connection and server with OpenBSD. Most of my time I spend in emacs (or mg(1)), mutt and firefox with i3 as a window manager. I don’t have a lot of package needs and I generally don’t like to install a lot of software.

At work we are providing firewalls for our customers and I try to push for a wider use of OpenBSD. Sometimes the lack of software isn’t helping, but most of the time the alternatives are great and work the same after a bit of configuration and talking to the customer.

I like to build my own tooling, before the recent Wi-Fi changes I wrote my own wifi-manager in Lua. For daemons or tooling where performance is important I like to use Rust, C, and Go.

You can find me on Mastodon.

15 Aug 2018

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