Joan Català Piñon runs BSD

Hello, my name is Joan Català Piñon, I’m a 40 year old computer technician working in my local Government in València. I work giving support and technical advice to more than 115 municipalities in my province. The city councils, information technology in public entities, the National Security Plan and security are a fascinating world.

At work, we use GNU/Linux servers under VMware structure and we share programs under Citrix Receiver. But I use FreeBSD in some developments environments, also on my Raspberry Pi and OpenBSD on my laptop daily.

I falled in love with Unix way of life many years ago, I started using HP-UX working five years at Hewlett Packard in Barcelona. I also started using FreeBSD and OpenBSD as a server and desktop operative systems.

Nowadays, my daily desktop is OpenBSD 6.3 on my i5 Levono ThinkPad X250 and it works like a charm, I really enjoy OpenBSD because it is fast, stable. Also GNOME 3 looks really beautiful. My normal desktop could be using Mozilla Firefox, Mutt and GnuPG, GIMP, Stellarium, LibreOffice, VLC, MPlayer, etc.

I write post about BSD systems (and other stuff) regularly on my personal website, please visit it and spread the word. :-)

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24 Aug 2018

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