Manuel Wildauer runs BSD

I’m a software developer from Germany delivered in 1983. My favourite BSD is OpenBSD and I use it at home.

In 1998 I made my first experience with Linux. I played with it and switched to Debian GNU/Linux after few weeks. My first touch with BSD was in 2006 and OpenBSD 3.9. People talked about it in some IRC channels and I tried it out for curiosity. I liked OpenBSD a lot. It had a awesome community and a had good documentation. I used it from Version 3.9 until 4.2. After 2 years, I switched back to Linux for unknown reasons and for the last 10 years I never used OpenBSD again.

Someday in 2017 I followed Roman Zolotarev on Twitter and saw his tweets about OpenBSD. I saw tweets about OpenBSD from him day after day and few weeks after I followed him I thought something like: Hey, I could also try OpenBSD again.

I searched for OpenBSD stuff around the web and found articles like this and that. I decided to download the current release and install it on my ThinkPad.

My personal blog is running on OpenBSD too. Serving the HTML files with httpd, send and receive emails with OpenSMTPD.

Find my on Twitter and my personal site.

14 Oct 2018

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