Glenn Faustino runs OpenBSD

I’m Glenn Faustino (@glenn_faustino). I administer Windows systems at work and run OpenBSD at home.

I started to use OpenBSD in 2007 when I heard from Jesper Johansson (a Microsoft Security guy) that he uses OpenBSD. This is where I started to get interested about it.

Why OpenBSD is my favorite? It’s a secure minimalist OS, it has sane defaults and its code is clean. I like the culture of the projects. Everything you might need to provide a network service is in base. The developers not only add new features, but also tedu (remove) garbage from the system. Aside from that they don’t let serious problems sit unsolved.

I always runs -current to be able to test new features which I’m interested in and to report bugs to help the project in small ways. Also I managed to donate a small amount to the project.

I’m not using BSD at work now, but in the past, I ran my employer’s network on OpenBSD.

I use OpenBSD on my home wireless network as my router/firewall, DNS, DHCP, proxy and bandwidth shaping tool on my apu2. I also use it as my VPN server on the cloud to be able to connect my mobile phone wherever I am. It’s also my daily driver on my ThinkPads X200, X220, and X62.

7 Aug 2018

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