Flipchan runs BSD

I had been glancing at OpenBSD and had it running in several VMs for a while when I had systemd destroy a production build by deleting what it thought was junk files but in reality was production configuration files.

After a lot of cursing I knew it was time to take the red pill of BSD and I have now turned to OpenBSD for all my VMs and servers.

My company that I work for (Firo Solutions) is more then happy to have the entire infrastructure running puffy!

OpenBSD comes with everything you need to build it! relayd(8), smtpd(8), and so on, and rcctl(8) is exactly what an init/daemon handler shall be. The user handling in OpenBSD is much better than in Debian. OpenBSD makes me sleep at night knowing and our production build is not going to be destroyed by some unexpected slip up made by an operating system. OpenBSD is secure by default.

I’m @flipchan@bsd.network on Mastodon and @filipsweet on Twitter.

23 Jan 2019

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