Franz Bettag runs BSD

I am Franz Bettag and I’m a trained sysadmin and am mainly responsible for keeping (AS34868) and its servers and racks in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, online.

I first got introduced to NetBSD in 1997 at age 13, while I searched the Internet for alternatives to my RedHat 6 (I got the CD with a C programming book), and also learned quickly about FreeBSD and OpenBSD as well. FreeBSD stuck with me since then and a lot of my work related infrastructure runs on it, but I keep running OpenBSD on some laptops and NetBSD on two ancient SparcStation IV.

I could never pick my favorite BSDs of the three, all have their very own use case and fit their roles perfectly. FreeBSD being the obvious allrounder and server OS (thanks to ZFS and network performance). OpenBSD has its advantages not only in security, but comfort! It takes your console’s keyboard layout and makes X11 use it by default. NetBSD being the clear winner when wanting to operate on rare hardware, that hardly anyone is using anymore, while using up to date software.

In recent years HardenedBSD—a security optimized FreeBSD fork—has been on my radar and I have come to like it very much as my FreeBSD replacement.

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7 Aug 2018

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