David Bern runs OpenBSD

You know me as (@_drobban) on Twitter or drobban on IRC. I work as a developer in a Linux environment. In my spare time, I like to fiddle with my UAV / Drones and Software Defined Radio

Been a long time user of Linux and Mac OS X at home, but recently got my eyes open for OpenBSD. I have followed the OpenBSD project since the Heartbleed bug, I noticed an increase of OpenBSD recommendations when the Specter/Meltdown bug was discovered which led me to test OpenBSD. To further increase my feeling of making the correct decision came after watching this talk with Theo.

It was love at first sight and I have not encountered a single problem since my first installation (okey, one problem, I tried to install OpenBSD with the wrong image for my CPU).

My goal with OpenBSD is to use it with my hobby-projects, so for the UAV I started pushing patches upstream to the Ground Control Software — APM Planner 2, there is now a working version available for OpenBSD 6.2.

I also started writing software that is aimed to be used primarily on OpenBSD, a kernel driver for a AC51-card from Opto22 and software for giving joystick inputs to a drone via TCP/IP.

What I have discovered while working on my projects, is that the documentation is awesome and that the source code is clean and well thought out in the OpenBSD project. It is also simple to write/test new fixes when something is broken in base and all you have to do when the fix is done is to send an email to the maintainer

To break it down into why I use OpenBSD:

Machines running OpenBSD at home:

10 Aug 2018

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