David Carlier runs BSD

Like many people I got immersed in computer, trying to program in Basic back then, then getting my first PC later on. But it is during 2003 year I discovered Linux by accident, founding an old distribution in a CD-ROM at work and decided to give it a try instead of reinstalling (again) Windows 95. And was immediately attracted, from the command line to the “all is file”/"do one thing but do it well” spirit behind it. Plus for practical reasons, much closer to the SunOS servers we ran in production.

A year later or so I decided to give a go to FreeBSD and liked the simpler approach, easier to use/compile from the source than Gentoo, the proper separation of third party softwares from the base and so on. Other BSD flavors like OpenBSD, NetBSD,.. came shortly after.

After this, became a parent and stopped for a while all those BSD in my sparring time but never really forgot them until I moved to Ireland for a new position when it came back shortly after around the time FreeBSD started to switch from gcc to clang in base.

In the meantime my interest started to switch towards more and more OpenBSD than FreeBSD but still enjoy using the latter in a professional context, ZFS has still unbeatable features!

And that was around the time I started to contribute to various projects either useful for professional matters, from industry renowned softwares as Haproxy, FreeBSD user land a little bit, PHP and personal interests from various video games (various doom/quake engines, barony…), OpenBSD ports and a bit the userland when I can. Mainly porting (or make sure it still work) under OpenBSD. At last, I became a LLVM committer since May 2018, having ported couple of sanitisers for FreeBSD and OpenBSD, improving a bit the static analysis features too.

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10 Aug 2018

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