Dettus runs BSD

What happens to a six-year old that starts playing with grandpa’s C64? He turns into a nerd and later becomes a geek, of course! And the best part is, that he is still playing with computers as an adult, his favorite toy from his childhood.

Hello, I am Thomas, but please call me Dettus. At the university, I met a fellow student who once told me how much he loved FreeBSD. I decided to give it a try, but ended up installing OpenBSD 2.7 by mistake. However, since the kernel messages where blue, and blue is my favorite color, it has INSTANTLY become my operating system of the heart.

Nowadays, I work professionally with Linux, but I like to slip in OpenBSD whenever possible. Be that an extra virtual machine that nobody asked for, a port of our software, or running the first check of a powerful 72 core server, and finding out that OpenBSD could only see 64 of them… It does not matter!

It is always so much fun.

So when I found out about, it was no question at all that it was the perfect fit for my little project Head over now, have a look, and start playing classic text adventures like “The Pawn” or “The Guild of Thieves” right now, via SSH.



11 Dec 2021

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