Brenda runs BSD

Hi, my name is Brenda and I really like FreeBSD and PfSense. But I’m not a sysadmin but more like a very lazy user.

I ran into Linux first while at university. It was when it came on a pile of floppy’s. The height of that pile scared me so I did not install it on my home computer. Yes, that was running MS-DOS at that time.

In one of my first jobs it was on SunOS or Solaris that Netscape Enterprise Server broke and with some help—oh, the community is so important!—I hacked a new password file (actually just one line) to fix it.

Before that time I had to free up some space on a SunOS machine that was running out of resources. I made a large mistake. The largest files I could find that had not been changed since installation I removed. Of course the very first reboot did not get the system up. I had removed some bootfiles. With help from friendly sysadmins and an install CD the problem was fixed.

Did I mention that the BSD community is awesome! For example, EuroBSDCon is not only for supersysadmins and developers or people that run their business on or on top of BSD. It is just as much for people that just ran into BSD! Just go.

Nowadays I’m in the middle of upgrading the PfSense running at home.

At the moment I’m using FreeBSD RELEASE. Mainly for e-mail and sometimes shell access (bash). And I have to thank the sysadmin for keeping it in shape!

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31 Jan 2019

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