Bruno Flückiger runs OpenBSD

My name is Bruno Flückiger. Since the beginning of my professional career as a support guy at a small office I’ve used most of the Microsoft products as well as different Linux distros. I was never really happy with neither of them, so I started looking for alternatives. That brought me to FreeBSD and later to OpenBSD.

OpenBSD is my favorite BSD. This system is consistent. Everything is so easy to use. The documentation of the system deserves awards. The project follows standards, not hypes. It gives you the freedom to configure and use the system the way you want. There is no bloatware in the system. There is no systemd. Quality is more important than quick & dirty hacks to get some fancy feature in.

In my experience OpenBSD-current is more stable than the releases of some other operating systems.

I use OpenBSD for everything I can. At home I run it for:

At work I use OpenBSD as mail security proxies. These systems fight spam and malware, perform DNS checks and query the Active Directory to validate the recipient address. My network manageing and monitoring system also runs OpenBSD, as well as my personal laptop I use in the data center to connect to the physical systems.

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6 Aug 2018

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