Ben Morrison runs BSD

I’m a geek from Acadiana who, instead of growing up to be a commercial fisherman or work at an oil refinery, opted to partake in a more digital future.

Initially, my introduction to this world was Red Hat Linux 7.0 around the summer of 2000. I loved it. After distro-hopping through Slackware, Debian, and Gentoo, I settled on an early release of Arch Linux around 2003.

I continued to stay in the Linux world for many years, until a bit after the systemd change-over. Around 2013, I made the jump to OpenBSD after having been fascinated by it for many years. It always seemed like the mythical “perfect UNIX-like OS” to me. The saying is “Don’t meet your heroes”, but in this case, it was wonderful.

I quickly dove in and felt at home in the OpenBSD world. Later, I would opt to use FreeBSD on my laptop for more bleeding-edge software and slightly better desktop performance, but OpenBSD still has a place in my heart.

In November 2018, after hanging around this strange, but cozy, place called the “Tildeverse,” where retro computing and shell accounts are all the rage, I realized there were no major BSD options. That’s when I decided to open up tilde institute as the home of OpenBSD in our corner of the internet. It’s even been featured on the BSD Now podcast! Episode 294 plugs the project. If social UNIX is your thing, come join us! We hang out on IRC, slap together various coding projects, and have a lot of fun doing it all.

Keep running BSD, everyone!

Ben Morrison

26 Aug 2019

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