Dominik Zajac runs BSD

My name is Dominik. In my main job I design, build, and maintain IT infrastructure.

In my free time I like to experiment with various UNIX and Unix-like systems. I like FreeBSD to use ZFS as one of the best and most stable filesystems I ever used. I am running several FreeBSD based firewalls, a lot of FreeBSD VMs and around 10 FreeBSD ZFS file servers, one OpenBSD laptop.

My first contact with FreeBSD was around 2002/2003 when I searched an OS for an DEC Alpha I got for free. Since then I used FreeBSD on different servers and machines. I use it since then beside to Linux as my main OS for servers. On laptops OpenBSD just works better and I have some Macs too. I tend to choose the tool to get things done the best ways for me.

The port system on all BSDs I use is one of killer features. The other good thing I love is that developers care how to upgrade to the next version. This is even today not possible on all enterprise Linux distributions.

I did a FreeBSD workshop some time in Landshut, Germany, and still need to find the time do some follow up BSD workshops.

You can find me on Mastodon, Twitter, and I am blogging from time to time.

31 Dec 2018

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