Anler Hernández Peral runs OpenBSD

Hi there, my name is Anler Hernández Peral (@anler). I studied Automatics Engineering back in Cuba but never finished and instead I dedicated myself to learn how to program. I started ten years ago at university with C/C++ but after that I have learnt PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Common Lisp, Clojure, Scala, ML (the language), Haskell, Elm, PureScript, TypeScript, and Rust.

I heard “BSD is for people who love Unix, and Linux for people who hate Microsoft” and “BSD is designed, Linux is grown.”. That made me interested in BSD, first, and then in OpenBSD.

Currently I’m reading Absolute OpenBSD. I have donated to the OpenBSD Foundation, and I have migrated my personal server to OpenBSD. So far I’m delighted, from the first instant (afterboot(8)) everthing feels simple, designed, documented: doas(1), sendbug(1), acme-client(1), etc.

I’ve never read a man page before, but now in OpenBSD I read all of them! My journey is still at its beginning but I hope to get far: I started with my server and the next objective is to completely move my desktop setup (ThinkPad T480 with Arch/i3/Emacs) to OpenBSD.

Find more my website or follow me on Twitter.

P.S. Thanks to @romanzolotarev for his tweets, that have led me here!

13 Aug 2018

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