Trix Farrar runs FreeBSD

I’m a SysAdmin focused on infrastructure. I started with Linux running DHCP and web servers. When Red Hat Linux gave way to RHEL, I started auditioning other OS’s; Linux distros, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and FreeBSD.

I am a FreeBSD User. I like the documentation and the Ports infrastructure.

While my laptop is Linux (because I need Flash for Citrix (don’t ask) and older remote consoles/VMware), the rest of the computers in my house run FreeBSD.

At home I have an NTP stratum, redundant DHCP and DNS servers, CFEngine for config management all tied together with Subversion repositories.

At work, FreeBSD runs the OpenLDAP authentication infrastructure There is a plan to migrate DHCP to FreeBSD, as well.

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6 Aug 2018

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