22Decembre runs OpenBSD

I run OpenBSD as an amateur and totally self-taught on my server, my router, and my secondary laptop, using isotop, which is an OpenBSD distro made by Thuban. I am active on the obsd4a forum, which is a French forum for BSD enthusiasts run by Thuban. I am co-author of the book “auto-hebergement sur OpenBSD” (self-host your server at home with OpenBSD, in french), with Thuban again as the main author.

I wrote some blog posts related to OpenBSD, one of them explains how to maintain a DNSSEC zone with ldns and my script. I write most of it during my free time as a hobby.

I like a lot all the security innovations ported by OpenBSD. To my mind, most of them are just clear and simple ideas, like “randomize the id of any process” or pledge(2). Those ideas are plain and simple, yet smart and security improving.

The simplicity of OpenBSD administration makes it easy to manage for someone like me, who doesn’t have any formal education in computer field.

Once I’ve tried FreeBSD, but that was not convincing.

My server hosts my websites (mainly created using static generators), my DNS and mail servers.

Next project is to (re)install my peertube instance with OpenBSD.

20 Aug 2018

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